Technical Specifications Race Car #2

Deutschlands ältester aktiver Dragster / Germany's oldest, active dragster

Year of Manufucture: 1980 - Neuaufbau 1986
Chassis: Herb Andrews Altered Full Tube Chassis
Body: 1932er FORD 5 Window HotRod gechopped
Body Material: Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff (GFK)
Motor Housing: CHEVROLET V8 Big Block, 555 cui (9,09482052 Liter)
Engine Oil Pan: dooley enterprises 10qt. (9,46 Liter) Big Block Pan
Motoroil: Einbereichsöl MANNOL SAE 50
Motor Mount: no
Cylinder Heads: BRODIX Aluminium
Rocker Arms: CRANE Cams Gold Race Wide Body Rocker 1.7 for 7/16" stud (13763TR-1)
Rocker Arm Studs:  
Stud Gridles: COMP Cams Stud Gridle 4021 7/16" (6061-T6 Alu)
Valve Springs:  
Valve Stem Lash Caps: Comp Cams
Intake Valves:  
Exhaust Valves:  
Valve Cover: BRODIX VC200 Big Block CHEVROLET
Intake Bridge: Edelbrock VICTOR RAM 2R
Intake Air Filter: no
Injection Pump:   
Charging Pump: no
Starter: WAI 9 Zähne / 2,0kW / Untersetzung 3,75:1 / bis 18:1 Verdichtung
Fuel: Methanol 99,9986%
Ignition Coil: MALLORY SUPER-MAG Transformer #28900A
Ignition Distributor: MALLORY SUPER-MAG III / Spalt 0,16" / Laufrichtung: CW
Ignition Cable: ACCEL 7004 300+ RW CHV SB W/HEI OVER PROS 8,8MM
Spark Plugs: NGK B8ES 2411 (M 14 x 1,25), 0,8mm Elektrodenabstand
Engine Performance: ca. 1500PS / 1103kW
0 to 100 km/h: ca. 1,4 Sekunden entspricht 2,02325g
0 to 200 km/h: ca. 3,1 Sekunden entspricht 1,82745g
On-Board Diagnostics: no
Speed Limiter: Auto Meter Pro-Control 5301
Battery (On-Board): Stinger SPP1500D AGM 12V/65Ah/825A
Battery (ext.): SuperStart DYNAMIC HD LKW Batterie Heavy Duty 12V/180Ah/1200A
Engine Cooling: no
Engine Oil Cooling: no
Transmission Oil Cooling:  
Transmission Mount: no
Transmission Oil: MANNOL Dextron II
Torque Converter:  
Shifter: B&M 80706 Pro Stick Automatic Drag Race Shifter with Air-Shift
Front Suspension: no
Rear Suspension:  
Front Cushioning: no
Rear Cushioning:  
Rear Axle: FORD 9"
Wheelie Bar:  
Wheelie Bar Net:  
Front Rims./Front Tires:
Rear Rims/Rear Tires: CENTER LINE Alu / GOOD YEAR EAGLE 32.0x14.0-15
Power Brake Booster: no
Brake Master Cylinder:  
Brake Fluid: DOT 4
Front Brake System:  
Rear Brake System:
Fuel Tank: 20 Liter Alutank
Exhaust Manifold: Eigenbau
Exhaust Manifold Gasket: SCE Pro Copper Embossed Exhaust Gasket 4113
Exhaust Muffler: no
Roll Cage: Altered FunnyCar
Steering Wheel: Dragster Butterfly-Lenkrad mit Holzgriffen
Oil Pressure Gauge: Auto Meter 2-5/8" (66,7mm) ProComp, mechanical
Tachometer Gauge: Auto Meter 5" (127mm) ProComp, 0-11000 RPM, W/PEAK Memory
Racing Seat: Alu Dragster Sitz
Racing Belt: SIMPSON 5 Point Latch & Link Driver Restraint Systems 29064R
Vehicle Weightt: ca. 843 kg (mit allen Flüssigkeiten und ohne Fahrer)
Painting: Schwarz mit weißgrauen Flammen 
Special Paintwork: Skulls
Bislang beste 1/4 Mile Ergebnisse:
R/T (Time/sec.) 
60 Ft. (Time/sec.) 
330 Ft. (Time/sec.) 
1/8 Mile (Time/sec.) 
1/8 Mile (Speed/km/h) 
1000 Ft. (Time/sec.) 
1/4 Mile (Time/sec.) 
1/4 Mile (Speed/km/h) 
0,212 1,284 --- 6,186 160,000 --- 9,950 194,590 Zerbst 28.08.2021
0,647 1,312 --- 5,923 165,900 --- 9,535 222,910 Zerbst 28.08.2021
0,019 1,465 --- 6,002 194,380 --- 9,317 234,262 Zerbst 30.04.2022
0,073 1,316 3,666 5,687 193,390 7,567 9,341 189,410 NOX 27.08.2022